SET Distressed Denim

Wanna know something that's never going out of style? Distressed Denim! You want to know what makes ours so special? Not one pair is made the same, so you'd be wearing a 1 of 1 design. Our jeans are carefully hand picked for the best quality and then customized for a unique distressed look. 
Important Things To Know:
  • All jeans come in Mens sizing for a true authentic "Boyfriend" fit.
  • You can refer to our sizing guide to find the equivalent in woman's sizing.
  • All jeans are hand made one by one start to finish.
  • Some sizes are suitable for my Curvy Babes.
  • Because they are 1 of 1, I cannot create that style in a different color.
  • Most Styles do not have stretch, if they do it will be specified.
  • Please refer to the "Custom Denim Sizing" link at the bottom of this pg.

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